Why One-Ingredient Skincare?

When shopping for personal care items, fewer ingredients are considered to be a healthier option. Meaning if there is a list of 30 plus ingredients and you can’t pronounce half of them  - we’d rather stay away from those lotions and potions. The longer the ingredient list—and the longer the names of the ingredients on said list—the more likely you're exposing yourself to things your skin could - and should - simply do without.

So what if your face, hair and body care were formulated with only one ingredient?

Well, first of all, no nasties here. The one ingredient beauties don’t need additives to survive on shelves or work effectively toward your beauty goals. In fact, single-ingredient beauty products can be some oft he most potent remedies.

Our one-ingredient products are cold-pressed rather than chemically extracted - meaning their potency is fully retained. Furthermore, these products are free of possible irritants like stabilizers and fragrance. Plus you don't have to worry about things like parabens and phthalates because you're getting the purest beauty product out there. 

So whether you are a total novice to beauty and skincare in general and want some easy to use products or if you consider yourself a beauty junkie who wants to try mixing in some of our one-ingredient products into your existing beauty routine – look no further – we’ve got you covered!