VOYANICS is a collection of carefully selected plant oils, hydrosols and essential oils to help you approach skincare – as well as soulcare – in a very modern, natural and truly organic way. Our products are selected to elevate your skincare  and home/soul rituals into simple yet very effective moments of selfcare drawing on the long traditions of European aromatherapy and plant based healing. 

You may want to call it plant based magic – as we do!

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At VOYANICS we truly believe in the power of plant based healing and the pure magic of every single plant oil. Since no skin (or soul) is alike, we also truly believe in the art of customization. With pure and single-ingredient-only products you can create your own personal route to wellbeing and skincare and change it as easily. It is super simple and also quite enjoyable. Whether you like to use our products on their own or decide to mix and blend: 

VOYANICS offers all ingredients to truly feel nourished – inside and out.

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