The Oil Cleansing Method

Ok, so you have heard the term oil cleansing or double cleansing! But what is it? And what will it do for your skin?

Basically, it’s as simple as it sounds! The basic idea ist o use oils to cleanse your skin. Oil cleansing is a very gentle yet effective deep cleansing method that does not strip the natural oils of your skin but leaves skin super clean, with less visible pores after regularly doing an oil cleanse every night. 

Sounds too good to be true? Yes. Indeed. But like dissolves like. Which is the most fundamental thing we need to understand about an oil cleansing ritual. By applying an oil cleanser or a pre-cleanse oil before actually washing it all off, you take off the dirty oil and sebum (which has accumulated on your face during the day) with an oil that is actually beneficial for your skin.

By massaging your face with a pre-cleanse oil to remove excess sebum, traces of makeup. Dead skin cells and any toxic build-up or dirt. By following the oil cleansing method you will see a huge difference in your skin and treat skin issues such as dry skin, blackheads, whiteheads, acne, and more. Also, the pre-cleanse oil will leave your skin soft and moisturized.

How to do it?

Step 1  

Apply your pre-cleanse oil all over your face and massage it in gently. And no, you can’t wash your face before doing so. Work in the oil for a minute or longer to remove all trace of build-up dirt and makeup. 

Step 2 

Work in a mild soap-free cleanser and lather into the skin.

Step 3

Wash it all off. Pat face dry with a towel and follow with your choice of face toner and face oil, serum and moisturizer.

What are the benefits of oil cleansing?

Balances sebum production

When you apply oil to your face, it replaces dirt and excess sebum that otherwise clog your skin pores. Your skin absorbs the good oils, which then help regulate sebum production. As in it will reduce blackheads and whiteheads like a magic wand.

Cleanses skin

Oil cleansing helps the skin get rid of excess dirt, sebum, dead skin cells and bacteria that are otherwise clogging your skin pores. Acne and breakouts will be noticeably reduced.

Keeps skin hydrated

Organic plant oils are rich in fatty acids that keep skin hydrated by locking in additional moisture. Skin will feel soft and hydrated, making it a very different feel than your previously performed cleansing routine.

The best thing?

Oil cleansing is a true game-changer. If you only want to change one thing in your routine, this should be it! You will notice skin looking and feeling much better in a matter of two to three weeks. Actually your skin will look so much better, you will never want to skip this little but super effective step!